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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
       Punctual and pleasant, the cleaner removed stains I thought were permanent. Definitely highly recommend!    
Erik Belcher20/07/2024

       Service was exemplary from start to end. The tech was both professional and knowledgeable. Would use again and highly recommend.    
Donald J.10/07/2024

       The cleaner acted with utmost professionalism and warmth during their service.    

       This business is topnotch! The cleaner was so accommodating, polite, friendly and cheerful!    
Matthew M. 01/12/2023

       I asked for a cleaning quote online and it was provided to me without delay. Cleaning Company Fulham were great to work with - so accommodating at every step. The crew turned up right when they said they would and left our flat looking sparkling clean.    
Rebecca Gavin21/06/2023

       Finding a trusty house cleaning business isn't easy these days but luckily, I found Fulham Cleaners. They not only met my expectations but also surpassed them - consequently they will return and put some festive touches on my property!    
E. Kelly06/04/2023

       I used to get so stressed about doing cleaning at home, especially carpet cleaning and finally decided to hire Fulham Cleaning to help out, and I have never regretted it.    
Philip O.28/11/2018

       From start to finish the cleaners were efficient and did an amazing job. Well done Cleaners Fulham.    
Dwayne M.11/06/2018

       My wife and I are recently married and borrowed some chair covers and table cloths for our wedding day. We needed them professionally cleaned before they were returned so we wanted the job done in a professional way. Cleaners Fulham gave us the best price so we decided to go with them. Their upholstery cleaning service is amazing and we were able to return the covers looking as good as new!     
L. Henderson 15/03/2016

       We got our sofa and drapes cleaned by the trained and skilled staff of Cleaning Fulham. They have been frequenting our home in the last 3 years. Our sofa is in great shape, thanks to them. We could not have been happier with their home cleaning service.    
Fiona Rudd08/05/2015

       I'd always dreamed of having some help when it comes to housework, mostly because I work full time. However the issue of cost has always stopped me. Well, this all changed when someone recommended FulhamCleaners! Thanks to the affordable rates, reliability and ability to carry out virtually any cleaning job on a day that suits me, I feel I've finally found that cleaning firm I've always been searching for. It's like a dream come true, opening my front door and finding my place looking pristine! Can't thank you enough!    
Angela T.15/01/2015

       I don't know where I'd be without FulhamCleaners! Their cleaning support helped me get the work done I've been putting off for a while. Mess has been building up in my home so I need some help in getting it done. I called to see what they could do and I soon found myself hiring them. They were able to come to my flat and give me a helping hand in getting things done. My home is clean once again and I know I'll turn to them if it becomes messy once more.    
Amelia Lowe18/12/2014

       My carpets were getting grubby from the grand children and the dog, and a friend suggested I have them professionally cleaned. I thought it was a way of saving buying new so gave them a go. FulhamCleaners were a local family business and are the experts when it comes to dealing with dirty and stained flooring, and they did a fantastic job on deep cleaning my carpets. They now look so clean and fresh, and the price was good too.    
Vera Gibson24/11/2014

       Cleaning isn't really my strongest point and when I started living away from home I never really did it properly. I needed a cleaner to help me deal with the tough jobs like cleaning the oven and the grill, and cleaning the shower tiles and that's exactly what I got from FulhamCleaners - their service has been great and it's really helped me as my flat is now much cleaner and tidier than ever before. The hard work the cleaner does for me saves me a lot of time and because she brings all the cleaning supplies with her it means I don't have to go out and spend money on those things.    
N. Daniels05/11/2014

       Now, this might sound unusual but when I'm hiring a cleaning agency to come clean my house politeness and friendliness are important to me. I don't care how good a team of cleaning contractors is if they are rude or surly. I don't want to have to hire a new cleaning crew each time so I've been on the lookout for one that I can hire on a permanent basis. When you're letting someone into your home it helps if they are pleasant. After working with FulhamCleaners I cannot imagine settling for any other team. They're true professionals and so friendly and helpful to be around.    
Nancy T.19/09/2014

       Just before moving out of my apartment at the end of university, I tried to make a start on cleaning that kitchen. There was just so much grime and muck build up that I didn't know where to start! Student houses are notorious for being quite messy, so it was tentatively that I called up FulhamCleaners to find out more about how they would be able to help us with our kitchen. As it turned out, they were only too happy to come and give us a hand with cleaning, and when we arrived back from the last lecture, it was amazing the difference between the room, before and after. Fast, affordable and convenient, very impressed!    
Max T.04/09/2014

       I had always wondered what it would be like to hire a cleaner - it's a bit of a luxury that I thought I'd never be able to afford. I was pleasantly surprised when FulhamCleaners not only provided a fantastic cleaning service, but they did so without over-extending my budget! The cleaner that they dispatched was easy to chat with, and took care of dirty patches that I didn't even notice. Finally, I can invite my friends over instead of hurriedly making other plans! They turned my home into something that I can be proud of, and if that's not a recommendation I don't know what is!    
Kate Horton21/08/2014

       I am always delighted with the way in which FulhamCleaners are able to get the windows looking so clean. I have large glass walls on the front of my house, and it is pretty essential that I am able to get them looking spotless, as otherwise the whole place looks rubbish! A greasy mark here and there will show up pretty obviously, so I get the team round every couple of weeks to give it a good clean once over, which ensures that the place looks it's best. I have not been disappointed so far...    
Donald C.31/07/2014

       Since moving house, we've had to make do without a cleaner for a while as our previous cleaner didn't cover the area we moved to. After looking around for local cleaning companies, our neighbour told us about FulhamCleaners who had a few cleaners that worked on about a dozen houses in the area. I got their number and arranged for a cleaner to come by and I was so stunned to see how much better than our previous cleaner she was and the price was even less than before! We saved money and improved quality.    

       I was worried that when I took on more shifts at work, I'd be spending all my free time doing housework and not getting out and seeing my friends or spending time with my niece. Cleaning a house is more than a chore and if you don't have a few hours set aside each week, you've got your work cut out. My knights in shining armour were FulhamCleaners and they have really helped me, not just with cleaning but also with washing and ironing. It's given me control over my free time and now I can take my niece out to the roller skating park - what fun!    
Kathryn B.30/06/2014

       I had just moved into a new office and was ready to get work when I realised how much of mess the place was. Dust and stains could be found everywhere and I couldn't start unpacking until I got things sorted. I called FulhamCleaners up because I needed a superior result in a short time. They sent cleaners around the next day and they were able to tackle every chore that was necessary. They banished all the stains and dirt and made the place perfect. I was able to get things up and running by the end of the week, all thanks to them.    
Abigail Scott20/06/2014

       I will heartily recommend FulhamCleaners to all that will listen, and given that all of my friends are sick and tired of me talking about it, I figured that it was worth writing about online! If anyone reading this is looking for a cleaning team, then get in touch with them, as they have been doing such a great job and for so long for me, that I cannot recommend them highly enough! In all seriousness it is a fantastic service that they provide, and I would be totally lost without them!     
Joshua Cooper14/05/2014

       We needed an end of tenancy cleaner for our house move and we hired FulhamCleaners. The service was very complete and everything was done to a high standard. The cleaner was a pleasure to talk to and was very good at his job, it was obvious he was passionate about the job too, which was good to see. I've never seen such a thorough professional clean before and the cleaner was very good at listening to instructions. I'd use this service again as both my wife and I were happy with the results. Great value for money, very friendly staff.    

       I was planning on selling my house, but it looked atrocious thanks to the way my tenants left it. There were stains on the carpet, a funky smell of cigarettes lingering even though the place was empty for months and the kitchen was the home for grease. I hired FulhamCleaners for the deep cleaning of my home and to get the carpets cleaned. By the time the cleaners were done I decided that I wanted to live there myself with my family. The kitchen was spotless and the stains were all removed from the carpet. The cigarette smell - gone! I really could not be more pleased - will definitely use again.     
Lee Morrison27/03/2014

       I've finally found the cleaning company that I've been looking for! I can't even count how many professional cleaners I've had in my home, and before FulhamCleaners I really struggled to find a cleaner who was the right fit for me and my family. My cleaner from this company, however, is nothing short of fantastic! This company is both professional and purse-friendly, and the cleaners themselves seem very adept at what they do. A friend of mine also hires her cleaner from this company, and we're both more than happy with the great range of services that they can provide! -     
Paul K.25/02/2014